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Morgan Bond, co-owner of CamLock Films, is a producer / director working in Austin, Texas. She received her bachelors in Radio-TV-Film at the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. Shortly after graduating, she started working in G&E (lighting department) and joined the 484 union as an electric, working on projects like Thunder Road, Fear the Walking Dead, Mercy Black, Crunch Time, and more. From G&E, Morgan began working in camera department on projects such as Animal Planet’s My Fat Pet, Pony with a Broken Wing, Jagermeister’s Best Night, Fear the Walking Dead, and more. Her experience in G&E and camera department naturally lead her to a career as a cinematographer, taking on several narrative and commercial projects, recently being nominated as best cinematographer for her work on Minos Records. She’s also worked in this capacity for clients such as Popeye’s, Dodge, Food Lion, etc. After Morgan and Nick founded CamLock in early 2017, Morgan took on more of a producorial role, handling pre production through post. Her work in several departments gave her the confidence and experience to begin directing, a role in which her experience in multiple departments became her biggest asset. Together with Nick, Morgan has produced and directed content for clients such as Cue Creative, Hilton, Hampton, Food Lion, Dunkin Donuts, The US Airforce, Southside Bank, and more.

When not on set, Morgan enjoys spending her free time playing competitive pool and cooking.

Nick, co-owner of CamLock Films, is an award winning director and editor based in Austin, Texas. He graduated with a degree in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. He got his start in video production early; as a high schooler, he worked as a professional editor for a national PR consulting firm, CommCore Consulting. Since then, Nick has been directing and editing for CamLock, as well as for GSD&M, CommCore, Cue Creative, and as a freelancer. He’s directed projects for clients such as Popeye’s, Dodge, Dunkin Donuts, and others, as well as shooting countless social videos for Food Lion, Hampton, Hilton, and others. This dual presence on and off set has created an excellent and efficient workflow that prioritizes getting the most out of every project.

Nick still directs personal projects every year, most notably Minos Records, which played at Austin Film Festival, Boston Film Festival, and Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, where Nick won best directing for the film.

Nick’s perfect day is any day he’s on set, editing, or climbing some tricky walls at the bouldering gym.

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